Q&A with Willis Elkins of the Newtown Creek Alliance

The Newtown Creek Alliance (NCA) is dedicated to the restoration of life to Newtown Creek, the polluted waterway that forms the border between Brooklyn and Queens. In the 1800s, the shores of this 3.8-mile-long waterway were crowded with oil refineries, chemical plants, fertilizer and glue factories, sawmills, lumber and coal yards, sugar refineries, hide-tanning plants, canneries, and copper wiring plants, all contributing to many decades of toxic spills and general contamination, according to the NCA and the Environmental Protection Agency. To this day, shoreline businesses have been found to be continuing to pollute the creek, and combined sewer overflows still direct hundreds of millions of gallons of contaminated water into the waterway each year. In 2010, Newtown Creek was named a Superfund site. Since 2002, NCA has been working to help life return to the creek. We spoke with Willis Elkins, NCA program manager, to get the scoop on the creek. The Newtown Creek Alliance’s Living

Source: Q&A with Willis Elkins of the Newtown Creek Alliance

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