People to interview

This is a quick list of people I am hoping to interview. There are LOTS more that need to get added to the list. Plus if you know anyone on the list and want to introduce me, awesome. If you know someone who needs to be on the list, please add them in the comments. I am looking to collect anywhere from 50-100 stories, so there is room for a lot.


Andrea Parker, The Gowanus Conservancy
Barge Museum
Big U Project Design Teams
Billion Oyster Project
Carter Craft
Carolina Salguerro, Portside NY and The Mary Whalen
Elliot Maltby, Thread Collective
Harbor School
Jan Mun, Fairy Rings
Justin Lange (lives on a boat)
Long Island City Boathouse
Mare Liberum
The Maritime School
Mary Mattingly, Wetlands and Swale
Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance
Milton Puryear, Brooklyn Green Initiative
Nancy Nowacek, Citizen Bridge
Newtown Creek Alliance
North Brooklyn Boat Club
NY Sailing School
NY Sun Works, Science Barge
Plus Pool team
Staten Island Ferry captain
Tricia Martin, WE Design
Tug captains
Water Taxi captains

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